Ensuring sustainable approaches to fulfill environmental undertaking

We cannot think of sustainable and environment-friendly growth without thinking of these waste management essentials. With stringent business policies regarding environmental waste management, we are playing a crucial role in fulfilling civic responsibilities. There are various methods of managing waste and thus our services have now become important to ensure that our well-equipped network for waste management is the need of the hour.

E-Waste: Thinking Sustainability

E-waste is any unwanted, inefficient electronic item that is close to or has surpassed the end of its “normal” lifecycle. Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are everyday electronic products.

The ongoing challenge of safe disposal of used and unwanted electronics is nothing new and dates back to the 1970s in the least. However, much has changed since then. Especially the amount of electronic waste, which is increasing with an annual growth of 9.2 metric tons since 2014.

Battery Waste: Ensuring an ideal way of living

Did you know that battery waste is another fast-growing municipal stream globally, exposing hazardous toxins in landfills and illegal dumping sites?

Batteries are of different types and compositions. They may appear to be harmless but can put public and environmental health in jeopardy. They include various hazardous and corrosive chemicals like lead, lithium, mercury, and cadmium. All types of batteries have excellent recycling potential. Domestically, they should be segregated and disposed of cautiously. However, it is not handled as needed, and this is where the problem arises.

Plastic Waste: Outlining a safer environment!

Who doesn’t acknowledge the evil plastic is!?

Plastic pollution requires no introduction. The non-biodegradable substance has wreaked havoc on the planet. It takes more than a thousand years to naturally decompose.

Almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists today! Yet, it is aggressively used because of its inexpensive cost and high availability. Though not using plastics is the best option to divert the trajectory of an imminent man-made disaster, but re-use/ recycle is the next best alternative.

Used Oil: Enhancing stability with sustainability

As indicated in the term, used oil is any petroleum-based or processed fuel that has been utilized. It can be used as a lubricant, buoyant, hydraulic fluid, heat transfer fluid, or similar purposes. The oil retains the smooth operations of our cars, lawnmowers, and many other machines.

However, physical or chemical impurities like dirt, metal wraps, solvents, halogens can tarnish the oil during regular use. This contaminates the oil and reduces its function. Used motor oil can contain toxins such as benzene, lead, zinc, and cadmium. Oil dumped on land diminishes soil productivity and damages the aquifers by seeping underground. If mixed in an aquatic stream, it can deteriorate the water quality and lead any life in it to perish.

Dismantling: Encircling greener outcomes

Dismantling is one of the crucial stages as it involves segregating the components of waste into fractions that can be further treated for recycling or re-use.

E-waste dismantling processes at Deshwal Waste Management is a mix of manual and automated processes, bringing about zero environmental impact and maximizing value from the process of e-waste disposal. The process includes shredding the items into tiny pieces, followed by sorting based on physical and chemical attributes that make it easier to retrieve and recover raw materials.

Dismantling forms the foundation of effective recycling, and at Deshwal, Deshwal Waste Management make sure it is done the right way.

General Waste: Increasing prospects for quality living!

Deshwal Waste Management is a single-window service provider for all general waste management needs. We are committed to comply with as well as promote high standards. At Deshwal, processes and premises exhibit environmental sustainability, carbon efficiency, and conscious energy management.

Deshwal Waste Management offers services as an end-to-end solution provider for compliant waste segregation, storage, collection, recycling & disposal with all requisite certifications. Deshwal Waste Management implement a safe, reliable, and environment-friendly disposal of waste generated that ensures minimal disruption to your business.