Making Sustainability a Necessity

Propagating the notion of resource recovery from wasteful items to encourage sustainability


Creation of a sustainable and well-managed 2.0 version of the society by responsible handling and disposal of hazardous waste, thereby, rehabilitating nature by lessening the burden on landfills and promoting circular economy.


Improving the quality of life and lifting the living standards by emphasizing the three prongs of sustainability- environment, society, and economy- equally for a balanced approach.


Addressing concerns related to public health, pollution, land use, resource management, and the social and economic impacts of improper waste disposal. Promoting circular economy by adopting cutting-edge technology, urban mining, and reverse logistics through efficient recycling.

About Deshwal Waste Management

Established with the prime objective to make a positive difference to the environment by facilitating proper management and disposal of hazardous waste, including e-waste, plastic waste, battery waste, Deshwal Waste Management was founded with a vision for sustainable waste management practices.

Our Company’s Mission

Deshwal Waste Management functions for reducing the impact of hazardous waste on the environment and its components. Through our monitored operations, efficient waste management solutions, state-of-art infrastructural upgrades, and cutting-edge technology, Deshwal Waste Management believes that we can really make a difference to this world.

On the other hand, utilizing waste as a resource, Deshwal Waste Management promotes environmental and cost-effective practices through a waste minimization program using technology and awareness as key drivers. Thus, we endorse sustainability and circular economy via reverse logistics and value-added operations.

Deshwal Waste Management Services


E-waste is an unwanted, inefficient electronic waste close to or has surpassed the end of its “normal” lifecycle. Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax…

Battery Waste

Battery waste is another fast-growing municipal stream globally, exposing hazardous toxins in landfills and illegal dumping sites. Batteries are of different types…

Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution requires no introduction. The non-biodegradable substance has wreaked havoc on the planet. It takes more than a thousand years to naturally decompose.


Dismantling is one of the crucial stages as it involves segregating these components into fractions that can be further treated for recycling or re-use. E-waste dismantling…

Awards and Recognition

The Make in India Initiative Award(MSMECCII)

Ganesh Bharat Ratna Award(MSMECCII)

Prestigious Brands Award

Global Platinum Business Excellence Award(MSMECCII)

Special Recognition Awards(PRCA)

Sustainability Innovator Awards