Corporate Compliance with CSR

Part of the environment sustainability is focused on improving the quality of life while living within the managing capacity of the bio-networks that support the planet. It is about creating a balance between human civilization and the living world – the two most complex ecosystems. Deshwal Waste Management at Deshwal are committed to our efforts to let the world breathe and reduce the overall impact that humanity has on the normal functioning of nature. Deshwal Waste Management are expanding our services to reduce the burden of waste from the earth, especially e-waste, which is considered a global concern.

The crux of any business idea lies in the potential solution to the real world problem. A business that focuses on making money can only bring success at night but is also at risk of failure over time. Creating a business that supports time-tested and generates economic benefits is only possible if it also provides evidence of fair return to society. Deshwal makes it easier for companies to meet their Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) requirements. Deshwal Waste Management understand the importance of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) which is the driving force behind our existence. Deshwal Waste Management work closely with companies to build effective CSR systems, including sustainable waste management, to avoid negligence regarding environmental integrity, and the efficient use of their resources. Deshwal Waste Management also make people aware of what, why and how about sensitive environmental problems and ways to solve them. It is one of the most effective ways of making a positive difference in a community.


“Chanting of a lone self on a single day in a resonating rhythm won’t help the Environment”

Acknowledging this fact Deshwal Waste Management celebrated an Environment Month from 5th May to 5th June.

Continuous hardship and efforts of the team as well as the involvement of various Schools, Colleges, RWAs, Corporates, may it be any place Deshwal embarked its footprint on every place.

The last day of the month – Environment day, Deshwal organised a Nukkad Natak as its said that ‘expressions speak better than words’.  We went out on the streets of Gurugram to spread awareness for the same and the future of the nation – Youth joined the movement in big numbers because they have realised the fact that its their future what is in danger because of the present.

Have you realised it Lately? Join the #swachhsansar and make your move towards environment count with Deshwal.


A joint project of DESHWAL Waste Management and Shalom Hills International School to bring awareness about waste disposal in the society.

Environmentally Safe & Sound Recycling by channelizing E-waste.

To spread awareness among people regarding e-waste disposal.

Educating the children about the hazards of e- waste.