Battery Recycling Companies in India

We are dedicated to providing sustainable waste solutions and responsible battery waste management. As a leading waste management company in India, we have established ourselves as one of the foremost battery recycling companies in india, with a strong emphasis on lithium ion battery recycling and comprehensive battery waste management services. Our cutting-edge battery recycling plant and innovative battery solutions reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship and the circular economy.

Our Range of Services

At Deshwal Waste Management, we recognize the critical importance of proper battery disposal and recycling. Mishandling battery waste can have severe repercussions on the environment and human health. Therefore, we offer a diverse array of services to cater to the varied needs of our clients, including:

Battery Recycling:

Our expertise lies in the recycling of various types of batteries, with a specific emphasis on lithium ion battery recycling. Through advanced recycling processes, we ensure the efficient recovery of valuable materials from spent batteries, thereby minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Battery Collection and Transportation:

Our comprehensive battery collection and transportation services are designed to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of battery waste from your location to our recycling facility. We adhere to stringent safety and regulatory standards to ensure the secure handling of all battery waste materials.

Battery Disposal Solutions:

Deshwal Waste Management offers tailored battery disposal solutions to assist businesses and industries in responsibly managing their battery waste. Our team collaborates closely with clients to develop customized disposal plans that align with their sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.

Consultation and Compliance:

We provide expert consultation and support to help our clients navigate the complex landscape of battery waste regulations and compliance. Our team stays abreast of the latest industry developments to ensure that our clients receive accurate and up-to-date guidance on battery waste management.

Environmental Impact Assessment:

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we conduct thorough environmental impact assessments to evaluate the effects of battery recycling and disposal activities. This enables us to identify and mitigate potential environmental risks associated with battery waste management.

Why Choose Deshwal Waste Management?

By choosing Deshwal Waste Management, you gain access to our unwavering dedication to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our holistic approach to battery recycling and waste management sets us apart from other battery recycling companies in India. Here’s what makes us the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable battery solutions:

Advanced Technology:

Our battery recycling plant is equipped with cutting-edge technology and processes that enable us to achieve high levels of efficiency and resource recovery. We leverage innovative methods to extract valuable materials from batteries, contributing to the circular economy.

Sustainability Focus:

We are deeply committed to sustainability and environmental preservation. By choosing Deshwal Waste Management, you support the sustainable management of battery waste and the conservation of natural resources, contributing to a greener, healthier planet.

Expert Team:

Our team comprises experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of battery recycling and waste management. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and value to our clients, and we continuously seek opportunities for improvement and innovation in our operations.

Customer-Centric Approach:

We prioritize the needs and goals of our clients, and we work collaboratively to develop tailored solutions that align with their specific requirements. Your satisfaction and trust are at the core of everything we do.

In addition to our industry-leading battery recycling servicesDeshwal Waste Management is also at the forefront of plastic waste management and e-waste management. Our integrated approach to sustainability encompasses the responsible handling and recycling of plastic waste, including single-use plastics and industrial plastic materials. Furthermore, our e-waste management solutions are designed to address the growing challenge of electronic waste, ensuring the safe and efficient recycling of obsolete electronics and electrical equipment. By offering comprehensive plastic waste and e-waste management services, we further demonstrate our commitment to environmental preservation and the circular economy, providing our clients with holistic waste management solutions that prioritize resource recovery and environmental protection.

Our Process


We quickly collect old batteries to keep them from harming the environment.


We carefully sort batteries to recycle them efficiently, including lithium-ion batteries.


We make sure old batteries are safe by removing any leftover charge.


We reuse old batteries to help the environment and save resources.

Join Our Green Initiative

Become an eco-warrior with Deshwal Waste Management. By opting for responsible battery disposal, you’re championing a cleaner, greener future.



Battery recycling is crucial because it conserves valuable resources, reduces environmental pollution, and prevents hazardous waste from harming ecosystems and human health.

While it’s possible to recycle some batteries at designated drop-off points, consulting a battery recycling company ensures proper handling, sorting, and resource recovery.

Battery recycling companies provide businesses with a sustainable solution for managing battery waste, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and improving their eco-friendly image.

Look for a company with a proven track record of responsible recycling practices, proper certifications, and a commitment to environmental compliance.