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Production of lead from secondary sourcesexceeds its primary production. As per an estimate, consumption of lead in the country is about 4.5 lakh tons out of which, only about 1.6 lakh tons of lead is produced from primary sources. Production of primary lead is also declining throughout the world. This means every year more and more lead is being produced through secondary route involving hundreds of small scale recyclers in the country. It is necessary to ensure that production of lead through secondary smelting is done only in environmentally sound manner, failing which will lead to serious environmental and health problems. The Batteries Management and Handling Rules enacted in the year 2001 with the primary objective of ensuring safe disposal of discarded lead acid batteries involving all stake holders. Rules are evolved to have proper control and record keeping on the sale or import of lead acid batteries and recollection of the used batteries for their recycling by registered recyclers to ensure environmentally sound recycling of used batteries.